Port Washington, New York
What Goes in the Trash

Quick Rules 

Residential collection occurs on M/W/F or T/Th/S, depending on the area in which you live. Check the flyer for details about the pick-up schedule where you live.

Garbage should be stored in a leak proof metal or plastic container, secured to prevent spillage caused by storms, raccoons, etc. The cans should be placed at the curb no earlier than 5PM on the evening before a collection day and no later than the 7AM start of collection activity.

A maximum of three 32 gallon cans (or equivalent bags) of putrescible (food) waste will be collected each day and a maximum of one 32 gallon can (or equivalent bags) of rubbish, or non-putrescible waste. Rubbish includes material from general household clean-ups).

Construction Debris - One 32 gallon can (or equivalent bags) of homeowner generated construction and demolition debris will be collected on Friday or Saturday depending on your collection cycle. The can or bag should weigh no more than 50 lbs. and have no sharp ends protruding.

Arrangements to remove oversized loads or waste produced by building/demolition contractors must be made privately with a company of your choosing, or alternatively, you or the contractor can self haul to the Town recycling facility on Shore Rd. Town of North Hempstead fees will apply at the recycling facility. Contractor generated waste will NOT be collected.

Residential Recycling (separated into paper and mixed glass, metal and plastic containers) is collected once each week on one of your regular collection days. Check the flyer for details about recycling pick-ups where you live.

Yard waste is picked up from April 1 through December 15 on Monday or Tuesday, depending on your normal schedule. This includes leaves, grass clippings, and branches. All Yard waste must be placed in lawn and leaf bags (we recommend paper over plastic) or in receptacles of up to 32 gallons and weighing no more than 50 lbs.

Please note that landscapers are required by law to remove any yard waste created as a result of their commercial activities.

Branches and tree limbs no larger than 2" in diameter and 3 feet in length should be bundled and tied. Check the  for the collection day in your area.

Christmas trees will be collected during the first two weeks of January.

Bulk Waste - One item of bulk waste (including appliances, and other large items) will be collected once per week on the last collection day of the week, Friday or Saturday, depending on your normal collection schedule. Check the flyer for the collection day in your area. Doors must be removed from refrigerators and freezers.

Carpets - Rugs, carpets and padding will be collected on Friday or Saturday only. Up to four rolls will be collected. Material should be reduced to four foot lengths, tied and weigh no more than 50 lbs. Note: Contractors and carpet installers are NOT authorized to place waste carpet, rugs, or padding at curbside for collection.

Commercial Collection on Main Street, and Port Washington Blvd. is performed 5 days each week, Tuesday through Saturday. Other areas are collected on the regular residential schedule. The maximum volume collected each day varies based on the type and size of business. Please see refer to the Rules and Regulations for specific limits. In all cases, refuse must be placed at the curb after 5PM on the evening before a collection day.

Hazardous Waste For all hazardous materials, please click here for information regarding the Town of North Hempstead STOP Program. Please note that all latex paints can go in the regular garbage. Latex paint cans should first be opened and dried before placement at the curb for collection. Latex paint cans that are closed and /or contain liquid paint will not be collected.

By clicking on Rules and Regulations, you may view the detailed collection and recycling rules for residential, commercial and industrial customers.


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